Friday, November 2, 2018

8:00-8:45 Check-in & Registration with refreshments

8:45-9 Welcome by Out in West Texas co-directors

9:00-10:00 Keynote 1: Room C: Dara Hoffman Fox, LPC & Gender Therapist, “Beyond They/Them/Theirs:  What Nonbinary Clients Want You to Know as Their Mental Health Provider”*

10:15-11:15 Room B: Kerry Manzo, ABD & Sally Flores, LPC: "Trans Gender 101: Cultural Competencies for Working with Transgender Clients”*

10:15-11:15 Room C: Jody Randall, M.S., Director of Texas Tech University's Office of LGBTQIA, “Developing Trans Pride & Sustaining Institutional Commitment”*

11:30-12:30 Room B: Maureena Benavides, LPC, On the Couch Counseling: “Implementing WPATH (World Professional Association on Transgender Health) in Clinical Practice and Becoming a Patient Advocate”*

11:30-12:30 Room C: Rev. Emily Wright-Magoon, Unitarian Universalist Minister, & Father Rick Lopez, Episcopalian Priest, “Trans Affirming Practices for Faith and Spiritual Leaders”*

2:00-3:00 Keynote 2: Room C: Claire Bow, JD: Legal Name Change and Gender Marker Change Workshop, “A Practical Guide to Changing Your Name and Sex in Official Documents”*

3:15-4:15 Room B: Susan Cottrell, founder of FreedHearts, a ministry for LGBTQ individuals and their families, “A Gender-Diverse God: Reclaiming the Story of Jesus From the Non-Affirming Church”*

3:15-4:15 Room C: “This Trans Life: Discussion and Panel”"*

4:30-5:30: Room A: Resource Fair of Trans Affirming Businesses in the Permian Basin

Saturday, November 3, 2018

8:00-8:45 Check-in & Registration with refreshments

8:45-9 Welcome by Out in West Texas co-directors

9:00-10:00* Expert Panel: Room C: Kelly Bennet, Claire Bow, Dara Hoffman Fox, Fiona Prabhu, Paula Buhls, Kali Cohn*

10:15-11:15 Room C: Kali Cohn: American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), “The Courts and Discrimination Because of Sex”*

10:15-11:15 Room B: Parents/Partners Panel

11:30-12:30 Room B: Paula Buls, LCSW, “Internalized Transphobia and Coexisting Disorders in Mental Health Care”*

11:30-12:30 Room C: K’Danz Cruz & Kaz Gonzales, “Trans 201: Gender Out of the Box”*

2:00-3:30* Keynote 2: Room C: Kelly Bennett, M.D., “Gender Transitioning Medicine: Changing Lives”*,**

3:45-4:45 Room C: Fiona Prabhu, M.D., Texas Tech University Family Physicians “Health Disparities in the LGBT Population”*,**

3:45-4:45 Room A: Dharma Arts/Kotela Yoga: Kasie Lunson and Kendra Pennington, “Yoga: Empowerment of the Mind, Body, and Spirit”*

7:30-9:30 Room A: Amateur Drag Show (Alcohol-free and family friendly)